Each of us encounters difficulties, obstacles, and problems of various sizes in life. Our past, emotional baggage, and daily challenges can sometimes overwhelm us. Regardless, each one of us has the potential to effectively address these difficulties and lead a better life. You have this opportunity too!

I will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, discover the reasons behind your behaviors and needs, and steer your life in the right direction. Problems usually won't disappear on their own if you ignore them. The decision to change is the first step towards a better tomorrow.

Stress and Difficult Emotions

Take control of your emotions instead of letting them control you.

Relationships and Communication

Issues with loved ones, difficulties in finding a partner or friends.

Mental Training for Athletes

As a former poker player, I can help you unleash your full potential.

Depressive States, Life Crisis

Sometimes life can become overwhelming. In those moments dont hesitate to seek proffesional help.

Motivation, Goal Setting, and Goal Achievement

Want to take action but something's holding you back? Together, we'll find the root cause.

Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual life is a crucial part of our lives, often we are embarrassed to start working on it and don't realize huge changes can be achieved quickly.

Hypnotherapy is effective in addressing issues such as addictions, chronic pain, psychosomatic illnesses, allergies, insomnia, and weight loss!

Do you have questions? Doubts? Let's talk.

15 minutes of free consultation before making a decision.
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How does the therapeutic process look?


I invite you to a free consultation where you tell me about your challenges and address any questions you may have. After this conversation, I will suggest a personalized plan - the number of sessions tailored to your issue. Remember, each issue is unique - some may be resolved in one session, while others may require a longer commitment.


During the first session, we will begin with a conversation to identify and define the core of the issue. Together, we will set the collaboration's goal and initiate processes that will transform your life. At the end of each session, I will provide you with suitable exercises or tasks to assist in the change process.


Together, we will go through a comprehensive process tailored carefully to your individual needs. Goals may evolve during our collaboration, which is why we maintain constant communication at every stage of your journey!


At the end of our collaboration, we will assess the achieved results together and summarize our experiences. I will share recommendations and suggested steps you can take independently to continue your path of personal growth.

Session Length

Each session typically lasts from one and a half to two and a half hours.

Session Cancellation

A free session cancellation is possible with a minimum of 24 hours' notice before the scheduled appointment. In the case of later cancellations or no-shows, the session cost is non-refundable.

Choose your package

Single Session ~ 2 hours
130 USD
An ideal solution if you're looking for a brief, single meeting and are curious about hypnosis-related issues. A single session may, but not necessarily, produce the full effect – the outcome depends on the nature of the problem you're dealing with. Typically, resolving the issue and achieving a lasting effect requires 3-4 sessions
4-Session Package
450 USD
Recommended option - You will work on your issue from multiple perspectives and achieve long-term results. The perfect choice if you are ready for in-depth collaboration and a process tailored specifically for you."
Individual 8-Session Package
800 USD
8 sessions during which we analyze your therapeutic achievements and create a plan to maintain the therapy's effects. This model is especially beneficial for individuals looking to develop their mental abilities and maximize their potential beyond therapy.