Welcome, my name is Piotr Sowiński

I am a certified hypnotherapist, coach, and NLP practitioner.
My professional life is driven by a passion for psychology, meditation practice, and caring for both the body and mind's health. They serve as a never-ending source of inspiration and personal growth for me.

In the past, my career as a professional poker player, despite its successes and a comfortable lifestyle, seemed to lack a crucial element. Constant tension and a sense of purposelessness led me on a path of spiritual exploration. It started with a lot self-improvement books and courses which evolved into my true passion - working as a hypnotherapist and closely collaborating with people.

Over the years, I have acquired valuable qualifications, including completing the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, the Professional Hypnotherapy School in Warsaw, and a coaching course at the Bennewicz Institute. I have also participated in various communication-related training, such as Non Violent Communication, Neuro Lingwistic Programming, Internal Family System, Bodywork, and Tantra. I regularly attend Vipassana meditation courses, where I have spent over 70 days in meditative seclusion.

My approach to work combines the experience gained from dozens of completed training courses with hypnotherapeutic skills. I use hypnosis as an effective tool to support the therapeutic process, enabling a profound understanding and insight into the core challenges faced by my clients.

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